Greenlab Solutions, UAB is a member of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithunia (AHK). As part of the international network of German Chambers of Commerce, the AHK comprises more than 460 member companies in all three Baltic states. The AHK maintains offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.


“Greenlab Solutions” trades with chemical products from 2009.

In the beginning it were just several products. Now portfolio consists of 1000 SKU and it continues to grow.

We help our customers to find proper products, search for the best financing solutions, solve logistic questions.

“Greenlab Solutions” – professional logistic solutions for liquid products


Let's go from east to west!

HUB VILNIUS 2018 is dedicated to Russian chemical producers who want to get into Europe market

1. Delivering all common chemical, hazardous and non-hazardous products like liquid, powder and gas. All materials coming to HUB Vilnius by railroad

2. Loaded cargo (tank-containers, autotrailers, IBC, 200 liter drums) going to Europe to final customer per 24-72 hours

3. Warehousing of products indoor

4. Logistic solutions. Consulting, optimisation and management of projects in chemical materials production. Starting from flow of raw materials and production, analysis of processes and assets till optimal logistic solutions for inner logistics, “Greenlab Solutions” offer expert know-how from one source

5. Warehousing of hazard and non-hazard products in tank-containers, autotrailers, drums. Possibility to keep necessary controlled temperature and steam heating

6. Warehousing of liquid goods in big volumes: from 50 cbm till 2000 cbm

7. Value-added services. “Raw material IN, final product OUT”- that’s a working method of HUB VILNIUS 2017. That means on HUB terminal will be possible to pour products to different tare by necessary volumes; mixing 2 and more products; pouring of additions; labelling; printing of invoices and waybills; maintenance of stock and other


  • Wide railroad till Vilnius
  • The nearest entrance to Europe Union from CIS
  • Possibility to carry out from CIS without violation European payload’s cargoes (26 tonnes in tank-container instead of 22 tonnes)
  • Perfect road network from Vilnius to Europe- autodeliveries per 24/72 hours
    24/7 working terminal
  • Electronical customs clearance on the border before cargo is coming to terminal

Value-added services in


  • Pouring products to required tare: IBS, 200 liter drums; 20 or 5 liter canisters
  • Printing of labels and sticking
  • Orders collecting and packing
  • Mixing of 2 and more products
  • Adding additions to products
  • Sending of samples
  • Printing of invoices, waybills
  • Maintenance of necessary temperature level, heating by steam
  • Cross-docking


  • Assistance to get necessary products certificates for EU market
  • Preparation of necessary documents and samples for certification


  • Assistance in finding of customers for products
  • Representatation of customer in exhibitions or visiting presentations
  • Arrangement of trial orders
  • Arrangement of pouring/packing of products by dedicated brend


Laboratory – professional chemists services

  • Laboratory testing of product samples
  • Creation of new products with necessary criteria by customer’s demand


If this project sounds interesting for you –

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