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Heat Carrier

Heat carrier is a liquid used to transfer heat from a hotter to a colder place.

During transfer, some liquid heat carriers can change the physical state (liquids are converted to gas and vice versa).

Ecological heat carrier for heating systems EKOGREEN, which does not contain ethylene glycol harmful to the human body.

Made on the basis of non-toxic propylene glycol, therefore it is especially suitable for heating systems in apartments and houses.

Heat carrier M-GREEN is intended for use in heating and climate control systems in steel, cast iron, copper and plastic pipelines.

The use of a heat carrier prolongs the service life of heating systems.

When the heating is switched off, the heat transfer medium protects the heating system from freezing.

The heat carrier contains ethylene glycol, anti-corrosion additives, defoamers, stabilizing additives.

Heat carriers are used:

· In central heating systems
· In the refrigerators
· In air conditioners
· In cooling systems
· In oil heaters

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